Monday, March 28, 2011

She's Back!!!!!!

Thats right I am back. How I have missed running, and I didn't suck as bad as I thought. I didn't come crawling home on my face.It felt good to be doing something for me again. Another added bonus is that I got to run with friends and so early in the morning! I thought that I was going to have such a hard time getting up truth was I couldn't stay asleep, I kept waking up.

I have a fitness goal of doing a 10k in Jasper in the summer. I know I am starting off a little later this year, but I am going to work hard to be able to do this. Strength comes in numbers and I have 2 friends who also have goals. So if we  keep meeting for runs then we can keep each other in check.

Thank you Sarah and Cheryl (and Reece) for the run today. It was just what I needed ! More than you know!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Months .....................And Starting Week One, Day One

5 months..............thats how long it has been since I last ran, I know shocking, my planter fasciitus has been healed for a while now, the summer heat and humidity gone weeks ago, and here I am sitting on my butt and not out there, to tell you the truth I do not even know where to start, and it scares me, I put on weight this summer and have been lazy, if you read my other blog you will understand why, Katie even did Cross Country this fall and did I join her on a Sunday morning to run or invite her to come and run with me?  Nope not even once.

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up in the dark at 5am to go running for the first time in 5 months I figure I will start back at the beginning week one, day one, there is no better place to start right? Right! In addition to running I will be starting my strength training and cardio workouts on the days that I don't run, and who knows I just might take up yoga too, have never done it before, but hey I am always up for something knew! 

Wish me luck, I am so going to need it! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Failure / Hitting The Motivational Wall

I failed myself yet again,but this time it was not my doing rather Mother Nature. She is the sole responsible person for my failure. With last weekend's trencher-el down pours my Husband was forced to work long hours cleaning up everyones water and sewer back ups and flooded basements, yay for us for me, because I missed my last night of clinic. So I am stuck at 9 minutes....... I also have not run in almost 2 weeks due to sickness, procrastination, laziness, and lastly Mother Nature. My muscles have felt it, thats for sure, my calves have not stopped spasming, my quads , hamstrings and kneese are burning with pain from not running, I need to get my butt in gear. I have certainly been feeling blah!

 This week I plan on doing hardcore work outs I am going to be running 4X's this week and doing Turbo Jam every day, I am also going to the beach hardcore, I have a dress that I have to look great in by Saturday!

I have hit a motivational wall, I am not sure why hormones maybe, but it has been so hard to get my self going, I have been making every excuse not to do a practice run, I have felt myself reverting back to the old ways and I can't do that I have come so far, the hard part is over.

"Why choose to fail when success is an option?" 
 Jillian Michaels

I love this quote I have been hearing it in my head at different points during this week. I know I need to keep going for myself.

Hoping my next post will be a positive one!

Here is a link, I just read this article and it is very informative:

Saturday, May 29, 2010


As you may have seen I have not posted anything in a week. Thats because there was nothing to post. I was sick last weekend and had a mini run on Sunday while my son Caleb rode his bike, and let me tell you I had a hard time keeping up to him. At first he would ride at the same speed I would run and then he would take off pedaling as fast as he could. Makes for a great interval workout! But not when your not feeling good.

This week I fell into a slump. I procrastinated about everything, not just running but everything, grocery shopping (which I still have yet to do), laundry (Hubby did that) general cleaning of the house (thank goodness the kids have chores). It was just a blah week. I have been under stress  and bottling up my feelings which makes everything worse than it is. In turn I had a huge blow up at my patient and understanding hubby ( as red heads do and unfortunately he married one).  After that I started to feel better, but then the rains came, heavy down pouring rain with thunder and lightening. I know , I know just get out and run(when there is no thunder and lightening). But honestly I just didn't feel like it.

You hear of writers block, well this week I had runners block. Or rather a condition as my husband calls it Lazyitus.

I am hoping that next week will be much better. We didn't have clinic last week, and this week is our last clinic. After that I am taking the summer off from clinics but will continue to run, and then I am going to either do the Learn to Run clinic again or start the 5k clinic.  I will continue to push myself all summer long. I love running. I love how I feel after I run.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Itching To Go!!!!!

All day i have been wanting to run. Really wanting to run. I just have this weird urge. I have never felt that before ever. these are the days that I wish that I had a jogging stroller or that my youngest (she's 3 1/2) could finally ride her bike. I live in an apartment block and my balcony faces the street so all day I have seen people running, I am actually very jealous that I can not get out there and run with them. 

I was going to run tonight but it has been too hot and has not cooled down very much,so I will be running at 5:30am tomorrow. If I can wait that long. I have so much more energy and I don't feel sluggish anymore. I love this feeling.  It feels good.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Promises, Promises

So for a while now my oldest daughter (she is 9yrs old) has been asking me "Mommy when can I run with you? I really want to pretty please!!!!!!" So on Thursday I finally said that she could but I didn't get my run in, and then I was going to go on Friday night, but she went for a sleep over, and so Saturday night I told her that if she wanted to run with me that she would have to get up really early Sunday morning. So I set my alarm for 7am got up and woke her up and asked if she still wanted to go, she did, so we got ready and headed out the door. 

We went for our warm up walk and then took the route that I run with the running room. We crossed the street and I said "okay now we run". She said "Now????" in disbelief. Almost as if she was unsure of herself. and told her not too worry. We started our run, she was talking up a storm, I was very impressed. That little girl can run she did so well, she ran for 8mins and didn't complain about it at all. We did our 1 min walk (maybe a bit longer than that I was having a tough time!) and started again, she did so good she is a much better runner than me!

I think I have found something that we can do together and that we would enjoy together and it doesn't cost any money at all. I know that I am always promising that we can do something together and she always wants to go here and there, but I almost always can not afford to do anything. ( Thank God, my van payments are almost done!)  This way I get to spend time with my girl and get some me time as well. I will be inviting Katie on many more practice runs thats for sure! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Just Ran 8 Minutes!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes you read right!!!! 

Me I did it. I did!!!!!!!!! 8 minutes I never thought that I would see the day that I would run 8 minutes! I thought that for sure I would never make it past 5 minutes. 5 minutes was so two weeks ago! Yes thats right two weeks ago. We skipped 7 and went straight to 8. 

The first 8 minutes were okay I did pretty good considering that it had been raining since last night and the humidity was pretty high. But I did it. The second 8 minutes was tougher for me I had to break them up a bit but It still felt good and I didn't give up.

We had another guest speaker tonight, actually 2 speakers talking about motivation, and these people really motivated me. Especially the one guy named Tracey. He was awesome. He talked about running his first marathon and several other marathons. He talked about how he gets up and goes to the gym every morning and works out, and that a woman asked if he would like to train to see if he could make it to the Beijing Olympics on 2008 for rowing. They were only letting the top 2 Canadians go to Beijing, he unfortunately placed 3rd.  Tracey is always looking for something new to do and is up for new challenges. But that is not what motivated me. It wasn't all the 1/2 marathons or the full marathon, or even the Olympic thing that motivated me. It wasn't even that he didn't let things stop him and get in his way. What really got me going and motivated me was that he has this spark about him and how passionate he was even with limitations.......Oh wait did I forget to tell you that he is blind? Thats right that's what I said he is blind.

So if he can accomplish all of this I think that I can keep going. I really needed this motivation tonight. He really made me open my eyes. It also made me think of a quote that my husband always says and lives by.....

 "The world doesn't meet you half way, if you want something you gotta get out there and take it."

I am really starting to understand and believe this. I have come so far in the last 7 weeks looking back I think I thought that I would have given up by now. I am glad I didn't chicken out and I am glad that I haven't given up on myself. In 7 weeks I have gained more self-esteem and I have more confidence in myself. I am starting to like my new self. I am starting to have more respect for myself and I now feel that I matter. I am not just someone's mom or wife. I am Sam and I am putting me first for a change and I like it.   

This tired runner is about to fall asleep in this chair so it's off to bed for me. Good night!