Saturday, June 5, 2010

Failure / Hitting The Motivational Wall

I failed myself yet again,but this time it was not my doing rather Mother Nature. She is the sole responsible person for my failure. With last weekend's trencher-el down pours my Husband was forced to work long hours cleaning up everyones water and sewer back ups and flooded basements, yay for us for me, because I missed my last night of clinic. So I am stuck at 9 minutes....... I also have not run in almost 2 weeks due to sickness, procrastination, laziness, and lastly Mother Nature. My muscles have felt it, thats for sure, my calves have not stopped spasming, my quads , hamstrings and kneese are burning with pain from not running, I need to get my butt in gear. I have certainly been feeling blah!

 This week I plan on doing hardcore work outs I am going to be running 4X's this week and doing Turbo Jam every day, I am also going to the beach hardcore, I have a dress that I have to look great in by Saturday!

I have hit a motivational wall, I am not sure why hormones maybe, but it has been so hard to get my self going, I have been making every excuse not to do a practice run, I have felt myself reverting back to the old ways and I can't do that I have come so far, the hard part is over.

"Why choose to fail when success is an option?" 
 Jillian Michaels

I love this quote I have been hearing it in my head at different points during this week. I know I need to keep going for myself.

Hoping my next post will be a positive one!

Here is a link, I just read this article and it is very informative: