Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Months .....................And Starting Week One, Day One

5 months..............thats how long it has been since I last ran, I know shocking, my planter fasciitus has been healed for a while now, the summer heat and humidity gone weeks ago, and here I am sitting on my butt and not out there, to tell you the truth I do not even know where to start, and it scares me, I put on weight this summer and have been lazy, if you read my other blog you will understand why, Katie even did Cross Country this fall and did I join her on a Sunday morning to run or invite her to come and run with me?  Nope not even once.

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up in the dark at 5am to go running for the first time in 5 months I figure I will start back at the beginning week one, day one, there is no better place to start right? Right! In addition to running I will be starting my strength training and cardio workouts on the days that I don't run, and who knows I just might take up yoga too, have never done it before, but hey I am always up for something knew! 

Wish me luck, I am so going to need it! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Failure / Hitting The Motivational Wall

I failed myself yet again,but this time it was not my doing rather Mother Nature. She is the sole responsible person for my failure. With last weekend's trencher-el down pours my Husband was forced to work long hours cleaning up everyones water and sewer back ups and flooded basements, yay for us for me, because I missed my last night of clinic. So I am stuck at 9 minutes....... I also have not run in almost 2 weeks due to sickness, procrastination, laziness, and lastly Mother Nature. My muscles have felt it, thats for sure, my calves have not stopped spasming, my quads , hamstrings and kneese are burning with pain from not running, I need to get my butt in gear. I have certainly been feeling blah!

 This week I plan on doing hardcore work outs I am going to be running 4X's this week and doing Turbo Jam every day, I am also going to the beach hardcore, I have a dress that I have to look great in by Saturday!

I have hit a motivational wall, I am not sure why hormones maybe, but it has been so hard to get my self going, I have been making every excuse not to do a practice run, I have felt myself reverting back to the old ways and I can't do that I have come so far, the hard part is over.

"Why choose to fail when success is an option?" 
 Jillian Michaels

I love this quote I have been hearing it in my head at different points during this week. I know I need to keep going for myself.

Hoping my next post will be a positive one!

Here is a link, I just read this article and it is very informative:

Saturday, May 29, 2010


As you may have seen I have not posted anything in a week. Thats because there was nothing to post. I was sick last weekend and had a mini run on Sunday while my son Caleb rode his bike, and let me tell you I had a hard time keeping up to him. At first he would ride at the same speed I would run and then he would take off pedaling as fast as he could. Makes for a great interval workout! But not when your not feeling good.

This week I fell into a slump. I procrastinated about everything, not just running but everything, grocery shopping (which I still have yet to do), laundry (Hubby did that) general cleaning of the house (thank goodness the kids have chores). It was just a blah week. I have been under stress  and bottling up my feelings which makes everything worse than it is. In turn I had a huge blow up at my patient and understanding hubby ( as red heads do and unfortunately he married one).  After that I started to feel better, but then the rains came, heavy down pouring rain with thunder and lightening. I know , I know just get out and run(when there is no thunder and lightening). But honestly I just didn't feel like it.

You hear of writers block, well this week I had runners block. Or rather a condition as my husband calls it Lazyitus.

I am hoping that next week will be much better. We didn't have clinic last week, and this week is our last clinic. After that I am taking the summer off from clinics but will continue to run, and then I am going to either do the Learn to Run clinic again or start the 5k clinic.  I will continue to push myself all summer long. I love running. I love how I feel after I run.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Itching To Go!!!!!

All day i have been wanting to run. Really wanting to run. I just have this weird urge. I have never felt that before ever. these are the days that I wish that I had a jogging stroller or that my youngest (she's 3 1/2) could finally ride her bike. I live in an apartment block and my balcony faces the street so all day I have seen people running, I am actually very jealous that I can not get out there and run with them. 

I was going to run tonight but it has been too hot and has not cooled down very much,so I will be running at 5:30am tomorrow. If I can wait that long. I have so much more energy and I don't feel sluggish anymore. I love this feeling.  It feels good.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Promises, Promises

So for a while now my oldest daughter (she is 9yrs old) has been asking me "Mommy when can I run with you? I really want to pretty please!!!!!!" So on Thursday I finally said that she could but I didn't get my run in, and then I was going to go on Friday night, but she went for a sleep over, and so Saturday night I told her that if she wanted to run with me that she would have to get up really early Sunday morning. So I set my alarm for 7am got up and woke her up and asked if she still wanted to go, she did, so we got ready and headed out the door. 

We went for our warm up walk and then took the route that I run with the running room. We crossed the street and I said "okay now we run". She said "Now????" in disbelief. Almost as if she was unsure of herself. and told her not too worry. We started our run, she was talking up a storm, I was very impressed. That little girl can run she did so well, she ran for 8mins and didn't complain about it at all. We did our 1 min walk (maybe a bit longer than that I was having a tough time!) and started again, she did so good she is a much better runner than me!

I think I have found something that we can do together and that we would enjoy together and it doesn't cost any money at all. I know that I am always promising that we can do something together and she always wants to go here and there, but I almost always can not afford to do anything. ( Thank God, my van payments are almost done!)  This way I get to spend time with my girl and get some me time as well. I will be inviting Katie on many more practice runs thats for sure! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Just Ran 8 Minutes!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes you read right!!!! 

Me I did it. I did!!!!!!!!! 8 minutes I never thought that I would see the day that I would run 8 minutes! I thought that for sure I would never make it past 5 minutes. 5 minutes was so two weeks ago! Yes thats right two weeks ago. We skipped 7 and went straight to 8. 

The first 8 minutes were okay I did pretty good considering that it had been raining since last night and the humidity was pretty high. But I did it. The second 8 minutes was tougher for me I had to break them up a bit but It still felt good and I didn't give up.

We had another guest speaker tonight, actually 2 speakers talking about motivation, and these people really motivated me. Especially the one guy named Tracey. He was awesome. He talked about running his first marathon and several other marathons. He talked about how he gets up and goes to the gym every morning and works out, and that a woman asked if he would like to train to see if he could make it to the Beijing Olympics on 2008 for rowing. They were only letting the top 2 Canadians go to Beijing, he unfortunately placed 3rd.  Tracey is always looking for something new to do and is up for new challenges. But that is not what motivated me. It wasn't all the 1/2 marathons or the full marathon, or even the Olympic thing that motivated me. It wasn't even that he didn't let things stop him and get in his way. What really got me going and motivated me was that he has this spark about him and how passionate he was even with limitations.......Oh wait did I forget to tell you that he is blind? Thats right that's what I said he is blind.

So if he can accomplish all of this I think that I can keep going. I really needed this motivation tonight. He really made me open my eyes. It also made me think of a quote that my husband always says and lives by.....

 "The world doesn't meet you half way, if you want something you gotta get out there and take it."

I am really starting to understand and believe this. I have come so far in the last 7 weeks looking back I think I thought that I would have given up by now. I am glad I didn't chicken out and I am glad that I haven't given up on myself. In 7 weeks I have gained more self-esteem and I have more confidence in myself. I am starting to like my new self. I am starting to have more respect for myself and I now feel that I matter. I am not just someone's mom or wife. I am Sam and I am putting me first for a change and I like it.   

This tired runner is about to fall asleep in this chair so it's off to bed for me. Good night!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

6 Minutes.......

Well yesterday was our 6 minute run. I did okay not great but okay. It was pretty hard with all the rain that we had last week and then running in the cold it really affected my lungs. I was able to run the first 6 minutes with very little trouble but the second and third 6 minutes proved to be a lot harder. but I did finish so that was good. We also had a talk on nutrition about what your supposed to eat and what times and how much. It was very informative.  

Very busy this week but will try to post more later.

Monday, April 26, 2010

OMG I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow the last two weeks have been hell for me. I was sick last weekend, my asthma was acting up, I had bad shin splints, I am starting to develop planter fasciitus, and I could never get my runs in properly, what I mean is I could never do the times I was supposed to do........

I had been dreading today absolutely 100%. I was worried and dwelled over it all day. I almost talked myself out of going, I actually waited to the very last second that i could wait before leaving the house in fact I even took the van across the street! I  know sad but true.

Why was I dwelling over this ,well it was because I had to run 3 sets of 5min and a 2 min run. For 2 weeks I could barely run 2 minutes at a time let alone the 3 and 4 minutes that I was supposed to be running. Even yesterday I went for my run and I sucked really bad it was so pathetic on how bad I my eyes  I did.

We started our warm up walk around the building we do this 2 times and then start our run, we headed over to the cross walk and walked across and I heard the beep it was time to run, we ran and ran for what seemed like forever and just when I thought I needed to start to walk I heard the beep, it was time for our 1 minute walk.......Thats right I made it I did it I ran 5 whole minutes YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

...........But that was not all we did our walk and started to run again we ran all the way to a field were we met a fitness instructor and did  cross training, some of it was easy and some of it was hard but I liked it, I took the lady's card she was really nice she teaches boot camp and other fitness classes I think that I just might give her a call! Her name is Kate

After cross training we had to run back and boy did my body feel it a lot!!!!! We ran for 5 more minutes  ( I ran for 4 1/2)  and then did a minute of walking and then we ran for another 5 minutes (I again ran for 4 1/2) my asthma was acting up so I took my inhaler and was good to go and run another 2 minutes after our 1 minute walk.

I am so glad I didn't quit or give up on myself. This is one of my most proudest moments other than the birth of my children or marrying my knight in shining armour. I came home exhausted , happy and sore. But it feels so good!

So if you are reading this and you feel like giving up  don't you can do this I know you can because if i can so can you!!!!!!!!

Well it's off to bed for me good night !

Scared I Am Going To Fail.........

My runs have sucked so bad this week, my asthma has been acting up, my shin splints are giving me troubles and now I am developing Planter Fasciitis. We have to run for 5 mins for 4 sets tonight and I wasn't even able to get to four minutes last week (heck I didn't even get to 2 minutes at a time last week) I need a running partner so bad I am having so much trouble on my own, I need someone to motivate me and push me. I am six weeks into this running and I feel like I am still in my 3rd week. I didn't realize I was so out of shape when I started this.  I am not going to give up I can't. If I do then I have wasted my time and money, because lets face it for me $200.00 is  a lot of money, money that could have gone to so much more than just a pair of shoes and a clinic.I wish this clinic was longer than 10 weeks I am thinking that I will have to sign up for this clinic again once it is over...........

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back To The Beginning.............

I ran today for the first time in a week. I was so sick this weekend dealt with a sebaceous cyst and the flu. I have not been really sick in a very long time, this sickness knocked me on my butt so bad. I could feel myself getting weaker throughout the day on Saturday and then came the achyness (new word I made up)  of the flu I thought that I was just reacting to the cyst, I have  had these before and they are not fun at all. I rented a movie with the hubby and by the time we were done watching it I was so cold and shivering thought that I was going to chip my teeth off from my teeth chattering so much LOL. I went for a hot shower to warm up thank God that our hot water problem in our building is fixed because I don't know what I would have done. After my shower was done I felt so nauseated and my head was pounding, I started to get a fever so I took an Aleeve  (those may work on pain but they sure don't work on fevers or headaches!) I didn't get much sleep that night at all. But I made up for it for the next couple of days all I did was sleep. My husband took great care of me and our kids and did lots around the house to help out.

So today I was finally feeling well enough to run minus the headache that I am having a hard time getting rid of from this flu. I did so bad, my legs were fine I had no problems with those they were ready to run it was my lungs that were no cooperating with me today. They would only let me run for about  1 1/2 minutes at a time. I felt so let down. I was almost in tears because I wanted nothing more than to run ( thats so funny because I never would have thought I would ever feel like this but I do) I thought If I can't run then I am going to make myself walk.

I was walking down a trail and I saw a woman walking her two dogs. She said that it was nice to see me walking and then I told her that I should be running not walking , telling her that I was sick last week and now my body was back to square one, and she said to me "well at least your at square one" It took me a bit  but I got what she meant. She meant that I didn't give up that I was starting over at the beginning again and that I didn't quit.

So my message to you is don't give up. If you feel like you might give up because you took a couple of steps back and are at square one, then so what your at square one get back at it and do the best you can. There will always be something trying to stand in your way some how but just look past it and move on. If I can do it you can too!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Asthma Sucks!!!!!!!!!!

I have not been feeling well all day my chest has been sore and it's been hard to breath. I know I am coming down with something, chest cold perhaps. I know I should have done my run on Wednesday night like I was going to, then last night was to windy so it didn't last long and this morning the humidity was almost 100% and it was minus 9 with the wind.

 So I put the run off until tonight and I went, after taking my puffers, I headed out. I did my warm up walk and then I started to run it was so hard tonight. I was only able to run for 1 1/2 minutes at a time. I gave it my all trying to get through this. Sadly I was defeated by my own body. My chest was so sore and it was hard to catch my breath. I don't know what was worse my sore chest and not being able to breath properly or shin splints, which I might add don't bother me as much as they first did.

My run tonight felt like the first time I ran. Only being able to run so much because I couldn't catch my breath. I need to get another run in tomorrow so that I can rest on Sunday. I pray that God takes away this cold before it starts and helps my lungs prepare for tomorrow's run. Failure is not an option this time.  Let's just hope that I can run well tomorrow, because on Monday we move to 4 minutes. I have to do this, I don't want to fall behind.

Thats all for today folks 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 minutes

So this weeks run on Monday was to be 3 min I thought for sure that I wouldn't be able to do it but I did 3 times. I had a lot of doubt, not sure why I doubt myself all the time but I do.I have a run tonight, can't wait to see what I can do tonight, I hope I can complete the 5 sets that I have to do. I am hoping and praying that the rain will stay away this evening, if not oh well.

I have been doing this for a month now and I am noticing a change in my body, I like what I see. I have been doing a lot of work on my arms and abs as well, now to start my calorie and fat counting again, I have been a diet rebel for the last 6 weeks slacking off and not putting in the work and effort. My friend is getting married in 2 months and I am wearing a dress to her wedding, I hate wearing dresses and I haven't worn one in 6 1/2 years I want to look really good for it!

Thanks again for everyone's support and words of encouragement I really appreciate them. It keeps me going!

Monday, April 12, 2010


I found these quotes today. I will read them each time I get discouraged when I feel like I am running like an old man!

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop ~Confucius

"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."

- Oprah Winfrey, talk show host and marathon finisher

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people."

- Bill Bowerman

"The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win."

- Sir Roger Bannister

"Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'"

- Peter Maher, Irish-Canadian Olympian and Sub-2:12 marathoner

"Anybody can do just about anything with himself that he really wants to and makes his mind to do. We are capable of greater than we realize."

- Norman Vincent Peale, author

"Good things come slow - especially in distance running."

- Bill Dellinger, University of Oregon coach

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Good Horrible Very Bad Day

I was having the very worst day today. The kids were getting under my skin with all their yelling and screaming and fighting. I even sent them outside to burn off energy. I wasn't feeling well either. I could actually hear them fighting while I was in the shower this morning. Len came home from work early today (it's very rare that he is home early on a Saturday) so I took advantage of that and hid in my room. I guess I fell asleep for about an hour but when I woke up I heard the kids fighting still. I got even angrier, so I literally ran away! I got ready, I got my shoes on got my pedometer and my purse together, stormed out the door, got into the van and drove to the gas station and the grocery store (there were things i needed for dinner and i realized that I had left without my water) and drove to the park.

By the time I had raced around the store and my blood was pumping from being angry I thought that I was warmed up enough! I started my walk first and then my run I had to run a full 2 mins,walk 1 min. I was able to actually do 3 sets of this and then I switched to running 1 min walking 1 min for the rest of my time. I was so happy to accomplish this It's the best run I have done so far it's not where I am supposed to be but close to it. By the time I was done running I felt so much better. And ,yes when I came home the kids were still fighting and yet it didn't seem to bother me as much!

I did everything that my sister-in-law told me to do, take smaller strides, squats, and extra stretching. Running was so much easier for me today. I feel so proud of myself.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Squats, squats, squats.........

Yes squats, I have been having issues with my shins while running and its all because I apparently have weak quads, and my shin muscles are compensating for my quads so my sister-in-law who is a physiotherapist recommended that I do squats (I should probably mention that my hubby told me to do this before to and and I just didn't listen to him lol), and to take smaller strides in my step, my problem is that everyone is so much taller than me and to try and keep up to other people running i have been taking bigger strides. I won't be running until tomorrow or Saturday, so until then it will be smaller steps when I walk and I will be doing a ton of squats, and core training (I have been slacking off lately)

On a funny note.........

Make sure that your running pants, Capri, or shorts fit you properly, and aren't falling down or feeling loose and make sure that they have a drawstring when you start your run or they may start to fall down, I had a hard time running yesterday because of this! I literally did half of my run with my hands holding up my capri pants!!!!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The hardest week of them all...........

This from what I am told was the hardest week of them all because you increase your running by 200%. Whatever it was it kicked my butt really bad. I did awful thanks to my week off of training. But I did it the best that I could and that is all that matters. I promise that I will get all my practice runs in from here on out no matter how busy or tired I am. Thank goodness my schedual is back to normal.

Thanks for everyone's support I really appreciate it. It really helps to keep me going with this.

Its a new week.........

Hi guys,

I know that I haven't posted anything in over a week and that is simply because there was nothing to post. I was so busy last week that I wasn't able to get in any of my practice runs at all. Really bummed about it but hey thats life sometimes it throws you a curve ball and there isn't anything that you can do but simply get back to it as soon as possible. So tonight I have running again and I am hoping and praying that I don't suck to bad lol. I will post later on tonight or tomorrow on how it went tonight!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well the weather was not cooperating today, but I thought that I would Try to get in my running before the weather got worse (colder and windier) I am trying to stick with this and keep myself going. I got myself all ready Len was home from work early and dinner wasn't ready yet, Turkey Taco Soup cooking in the slow cooker. What a great dinner for a blustery day. Any way Like I said I was getting ready I got my layers of clothes on and found my gloves and my pedometer. It's a really cool one equipt with a radio and clock the whole I head out the door and down the steps. Start my warm up and then my first 2 min walk, only I can't get past the walk my shins are on fire and feel like I have Jello legs . I figure that I am walking to fast so I slow down. But it's too late. I can't run my calves feel hard as rocks. I just keep on going. Thinking that maybe I can get them to loosen up,but they won't. So I spent my whole time walking, just walking. I was so mad that I couldn't run. I was balling when I got home. How am I going to be able to do this if I can't do my practice runs, was all that I was thinking on my way home. My husband saw how upset I was and all he said was "I am proud of you for trying, you couldn't run but at least you tried and you walked" I felt so much better. So hopefully I can run on Friday, because tomorrow I am taking the day off. I just hope that I can get my practice runs in so that I don't fall behind in the clinic. I have Friday and Sunday to get my runs in I just pray that I won't fail.

Thats all for today!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The day has come and I survived!

So the day has come....... and I was really surprised that I wasn't as nervous as I thought that I would be. Maybe it was because I was busy all day doing stuff or maybe it was because Mother Nature was on my side, you see we had a long talk last night and she agreed that I shouldn't start my running in the snow and rain. But what ever it was I was more calmer.

So the time came to take my walk to the store, I live in walking distance so its not that bad. I just prayed that I would be able to walk home after. lol I get to the store and I think to myself I hope I am not the only person doing this today, to my surprise the store is filled with women only, makes it easier I think to myself I don't have to compete with any guys because lets face it men are usually faster than women. We have our introductions, but instead of introducing ourselves we get acquainted with someone we don't know and introduce each other, it was a nice way to meet someone else. I also found out that 3 of the girls work with a friend of mine and they are also inspired by her , she is the reason that I decided to run. She used to be very over weight woman. But has now lost so much weight. She took the clinic last year, a few weeks ago she finished her hypothermic 1/2 marathon. I am so proud of her.

So this week we finished our meet and greet and then went out for our run . We start with a walk warm up around the building and then followed by a 2 min walk and then 1 min run.We do this 7 times for a total of 21 min of walk/run I think to myself that this will be a piece of cake.

I start off really strong, I am a fast walker as it is, thanks to my experience with power walking. We finish our first 2min of walking and do our 1 min of running, I think that this is good I am at the front of the group with three others and not having trouble at all,I am doing really good for the first 3 rounds.

We start our 4th round of walk/run, I get to the run part and I start falling to the middle of the group. I am starting to think that this is not a piece of cake anymore, and I just hope that I don't fall further behind, because lets face it who wants to be the last person .

Round 5 it's getting worse Its getting hard to breath (I have asthma and its starting to get to me but I don't need my inhaler as I prepared earlier) I am feeling really hot and sweaty, and I am falling further behind.

Round 6 I get a stitch in my side man those are painful and I find that I am now at the back of the group with one other person and a trainer, and to make matters worse I can't finish running the whole minute almost but can't.

Round 7 I finish, I am at the back of the group can only run for about 25 seconds feel horrible that I can't run, my lungs are on fire and my calves are so stiff and feel heavy. I make it back to the store. I think to myself, I did it! I did it by myself and I did the best I could,and I didn't quit. I am so proud of myself.

I walk home with a smile on my face, I finally did something for me and it felt great. So what if I was at the back at the end. the point was that I finished.

I get in the door, and all I see is my husband's arm reached out with a big water bottle filled with Ice cold water, I plop myself on the couch and all of a sudden I feel like a puddle of mush my legs and butt start to hurt. The kids come and curl up beside me and we read a couple of books. I cough a few times,but its all good because, i know that I am bettering myself for myself and my family.

So I survived the first day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I made this blog in August, but when it came right down to it I didn't really know where to start or what to say, or what I wanted this to be about. So it was left blank until now.

I think that I now have an idea of where to start and what I want this blog to be about. My journey. So here goes..........

It's January and I have decided that I am going to stop doing New Years resolutions, why because I always fail so miserably. What am I talking about?......My weight of course and trying to loose it. I always start every January 2nd dieting and working out and I do good I start off strong and then within the first week of the second month or around there give or take a couple of weeks, I simply rebel I stop all together, why do I do this I am not sure self sabotage. Feelings of unworthiness, for the little voice in the back of my head that says that I am going to quit so i may as well just do it now. So what do I do I give in and become mad and angry and bitter.

So this year is different, how you ask? This year I gave up the old January 2nd ritual, It was well into January when i even thought what am I going to do I want to change but how? what can I do different, I started the old South Beach Diet, yeah sure Phase 1 was so incredibly hard I almost didn't make it through the 2 weeks of it but I manage to do it. Then it was time for Phase 2 I am not sure what happened there but it seems like every time i am able to get to the second Phase it feels impossible to follow. I felt myself becoming angry with myself once again. I know I want to do something and I have been thinking about learning to run. I used to run but have not done it in a very very long time.

A friend of mine decided that she wanted to run too, so we both decided that this March we would do the Learn to Run clinic at the Running Room. She has sadly had to back out due to timing issues conflicts in the scheduling of the course. So here I am I have bought my shoes and paid for the course and I have no one to do this with, just me, myself and I. No Refunds for the course. there that is my incentive right there. I am not one to throw away money and thats what I will be doing, if I don't do this. I keep thinking $70.00 I could have used that money to buy my kids new clothes or shoes or to pay for one of my kids to go to soccer. Instead this year I am being selfish. Yes SELFISH I know it's not a word that I am used to. So this is my incentive to lose the weight and finally get back to what I used to be before kids and hubby. I have lost myself over the years and don't know how to get back on track this is my first step, I start the Running Room on Monday I am so scared I have butterflies in my stomach, scared of what? I am not sure, probably mostly failing. I want so bad to succeed, if I succeed in this then I have won I can do anything.

So this is my journey I will be writing as often as I can on my progress,and my feelings. This blog will be raw and real and true. I hope you all will stay tuned.