Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Months .....................And Starting Week One, Day One

5 months..............thats how long it has been since I last ran, I know shocking, my planter fasciitus has been healed for a while now, the summer heat and humidity gone weeks ago, and here I am sitting on my butt and not out there, to tell you the truth I do not even know where to start, and it scares me, I put on weight this summer and have been lazy, if you read my other blog you will understand why, Katie even did Cross Country this fall and did I join her on a Sunday morning to run or invite her to come and run with me?  Nope not even once.

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up in the dark at 5am to go running for the first time in 5 months I figure I will start back at the beginning week one, day one, there is no better place to start right? Right! In addition to running I will be starting my strength training and cardio workouts on the days that I don't run, and who knows I just might take up yoga too, have never done it before, but hey I am always up for something knew! 

Wish me luck, I am so going to need it! :)


  1. Good for you :) Are you following the running room learn to run? Do you want a partner?

  2. I wish I could join you but 5am is too early for even me!! I do love yoga - I'll be starting back at Moksha soon. And there is a Zumba class at the Community Centre I'll go to with you!

  3. Kenzie a partner would me awesome the more the merrier! If you want to get up at 5am and run with me you are more than welcome,I may try evenings too but I am most likely going to try in the mornings.....

    Sarah how much is the Zumba class? when is it? I am so not coordinated but willing to give anything a try...I just may tag along for Moksha friday nights right?

  4. WAY to GO SAM!!!! Getting out there is hard. I know that all too well. I too, will be up at know that you have company not too far away. It is so hard. But, what you are doing is great for you...and, it will become easier....a little bit at a time...I promise! If you ever need a lift...some motivation...a shoulder to cry on...someone to share your pride in your me! I was right where you are...hardest...and best thing I have ever done for myself and my family.

    I would love to run together whenever you are ready....

    SO proud of you!