Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well the weather was not cooperating today, but I thought that I would Try to get in my running before the weather got worse (colder and windier) I am trying to stick with this and keep myself going. I got myself all ready Len was home from work early and dinner wasn't ready yet, Turkey Taco Soup cooking in the slow cooker. What a great dinner for a blustery day. Any way Like I said I was getting ready I got my layers of clothes on and found my gloves and my pedometer. It's a really cool one equipt with a radio and clock the whole I head out the door and down the steps. Start my warm up and then my first 2 min walk, only I can't get past the walk my shins are on fire and feel like I have Jello legs . I figure that I am walking to fast so I slow down. But it's too late. I can't run my calves feel hard as rocks. I just keep on going. Thinking that maybe I can get them to loosen up,but they won't. So I spent my whole time walking, just walking. I was so mad that I couldn't run. I was balling when I got home. How am I going to be able to do this if I can't do my practice runs, was all that I was thinking on my way home. My husband saw how upset I was and all he said was "I am proud of you for trying, you couldn't run but at least you tried and you walked" I felt so much better. So hopefully I can run on Friday, because tomorrow I am taking the day off. I just hope that I can get my practice runs in so that I don't fall behind in the clinic. I have Friday and Sunday to get my runs in I just pray that I won't fail.

Thats all for today!

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  1. Sam, you kept going, that in itself is fantastic. Good for you!!!

    Run together Friday or Saturday?