Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back To The Beginning.............

I ran today for the first time in a week. I was so sick this weekend dealt with a sebaceous cyst and the flu. I have not been really sick in a very long time, this sickness knocked me on my butt so bad. I could feel myself getting weaker throughout the day on Saturday and then came the achyness (new word I made up)  of the flu I thought that I was just reacting to the cyst, I have  had these before and they are not fun at all. I rented a movie with the hubby and by the time we were done watching it I was so cold and shivering thought that I was going to chip my teeth off from my teeth chattering so much LOL. I went for a hot shower to warm up thank God that our hot water problem in our building is fixed because I don't know what I would have done. After my shower was done I felt so nauseated and my head was pounding, I started to get a fever so I took an Aleeve  (those may work on pain but they sure don't work on fevers or headaches!) I didn't get much sleep that night at all. But I made up for it for the next couple of days all I did was sleep. My husband took great care of me and our kids and did lots around the house to help out.

So today I was finally feeling well enough to run minus the headache that I am having a hard time getting rid of from this flu. I did so bad, my legs were fine I had no problems with those they were ready to run it was my lungs that were no cooperating with me today. They would only let me run for about  1 1/2 minutes at a time. I felt so let down. I was almost in tears because I wanted nothing more than to run ( thats so funny because I never would have thought I would ever feel like this but I do) I thought If I can't run then I am going to make myself walk.

I was walking down a trail and I saw a woman walking her two dogs. She said that it was nice to see me walking and then I told her that I should be running not walking , telling her that I was sick last week and now my body was back to square one, and she said to me "well at least your at square one" It took me a bit  but I got what she meant. She meant that I didn't give up that I was starting over at the beginning again and that I didn't quit.

So my message to you is don't give up. If you feel like you might give up because you took a couple of steps back and are at square one, then so what your at square one get back at it and do the best you can. There will always be something trying to stand in your way some how but just look past it and move on. If I can do it you can too!


  1. Sam,
    You have moved well past square one! Not running for a bit due to illness is NOT a decision moment, its the correct choice to not end up hospitalized.

    If you doubt yourself when you are not feeling well maybe get the kids involved in doing rollovers( and into's) with you?. Your core workouts done with the kids might help push a part of the tears aside and get your kids functioning with you Not against each other. I get Bou and Kyla to take turns kicking the punching bag (apartment size!) instead of yelling all the time. Sometimes it works, the rest of the time I just lie on the couch and feel sorry for myself until the next day.

    You have pushed pass so many odds already and succeeded, I wish you could hold that firm and fast to your heart everyday. Keep moving on into the next steps as you can, every one of us goes through those tears AND comes out physically stronger within the next bit! Everytime I cry when I am training I am stronger within the week. You are doing GREAT!!!!