Thursday, April 8, 2010

Squats, squats, squats.........

Yes squats, I have been having issues with my shins while running and its all because I apparently have weak quads, and my shin muscles are compensating for my quads so my sister-in-law who is a physiotherapist recommended that I do squats (I should probably mention that my hubby told me to do this before to and and I just didn't listen to him lol), and to take smaller strides in my step, my problem is that everyone is so much taller than me and to try and keep up to other people running i have been taking bigger strides. I won't be running until tomorrow or Saturday, so until then it will be smaller steps when I walk and I will be doing a ton of squats, and core training (I have been slacking off lately)

On a funny note.........

Make sure that your running pants, Capri, or shorts fit you properly, and aren't falling down or feeling loose and make sure that they have a drawstring when you start your run or they may start to fall down, I had a hard time running yesterday because of this! I literally did half of my run with my hands holding up my capri pants!!!!

Enjoy your day!

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